jason sims





Jason graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) from the University of South Australia in 2006. He has since had several solo exhibitions and exhibited in numerous group shows throughout Australia and abroad, including SafARI, an unofficial fringe event to the 2010 Sydney Biennial of Contemporary Art held at Firstdraft. In 2010, ArtBank commissioned three of Jason’s pieces to add to their collection. He has been a fianlist in the Tom Malone Prize for the past 3 consecutive years and recently had his work collected by the Art Gallery of Western Australia.


Since 2009 Jason has been producing an evolving series of light boxes that reflect space upon itself creating the illusion of a seemingly infinite void.


“The illusion in my work, at least initially, seems to prompt the viewer to wrestle with what the eyes ‘see’ and the mind ‘knows’, but it’s not this that motivates me. I’m more interested in evoking a desire within the viewer for the illusion to conquer, at least for a moment or two, what they know to be true, in order to reach towards something more powerful and more profound – to create without complete disorientation something magical, indefinable and unexplainable.”


Jason is interested in the ways in which people create meaning in their lives – how perception and choice directly impact our reality. His work seeks to explore what it means to exist, inviting contemplation of the structures in which we live, physically and socially, and presenting an endless expanse of infinite possibility.


“I find the natural human instinct to explore and discover, not just in a physical sense, but also within the parameters of our own minds, a truly captivating characteristic and something unquestionably universal. I am most interested in creating work that will not merely be viewed, but experienced.”




Represented by:

MARS Gallery


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Vic, Australia 3181


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